Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold Weather Care of Newborn Lambs

The temperatures for the next couple days are going to be very cold, so special attention should be given to any ewes who are lambing at this time. Check sheep closely several times a day for any signs that lambing is impending. Once lambs are born, be sure to dry off with a towel, along with the ewe's licking. Pay special attention to the ears as they can get frosted. Make sure the lamb receives around three to four ounces of colostrum shortly after birth. This will give the lamb some extra energy to keep warm while it works at nursing from the ewe. Smaller or weak lambs may also need a heat source to keep them warm while they dry off. Consider using a barrel with a heat lamp mounted inside. Tie the barrel so that it can't be knocked over. Always use caution with heat lamps to prevent fires!